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AA1657, AA2178 Frequently Asked Questions

Could I plug this into the parallel port of a hp jet direct printer server to provide a USB interface for a USB printer,also is the USB interface male A ?
No, you require either a printer server with a USB port or change the printer to one which is suitable to the printer server. Another option would be to connect the printer to a PC with a USB port and configure it to be an additional printer server..

Can I use this cable to connect my fluke pat tester (RS232 output) to my PC to download pat tests saved in fluke memory?
Yes it should work. Ensure you configure your application to use the new com port to read the necessary information from the pat tester.

Can I use this to connect my digital camera to my laptop?
Yes, you can use this to connect the RS232C output of your camera to the USB port of the laptop.

Would this be suitable for connecting a Garmin GPS60 to a PC to enable downloading of maps?
Yes, you can use this cable but you require the PC interface cable supplied with the Garmin GPS60.

I have a Magellan sportrax pro GPS with a serial port connection cable, but my laptop only has USB ports. Can I use this cable to convert to USB port?
Yes, you can use this adapter.

Will this connect my Psion 3a to my USB only PC?
Yes, connecting this adapter will provide a RS232 to link on a USB only PC.

Will this work when consoling onto a cisco router via my laptop and com port 1?
Yes, you can use it to gain console access to a router. The OS will decides which COM port it will use. You will need to connect to this COM port.

Does this work with HotSync and my Palm?
We believe that Palm have some troubles with USB to serial adapters. Palm also have a whole section dedicated to HotSync and problems.

Does it work with a Psion Series 5?

This works with a Psion Series 5, 5mx, Revo, Series 7 and Netbook which require an RS232 cable, this is the same cable that the Siea and 3c/3mx uses.

Can I use this yo plug a USB device into the serial port of my PC?

No, you require a PC with a USB port.

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