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AA1677 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer between drives using different systems (i.e. from Windows 98 to XP and vice versa)?
Yes, you can use this to transfer data files between any operating systems.

Does it come with the necessary file transfer application?

On my OS I can not see the other drive why?
On some OSs, i.e. Windows 2000, XP, the default is not to share the hard drive. This means that you will not see it on the other computer. We recommend that you only share a directory on each computer.
DO NOT share the drive, if you do, then:

  • You might allow everyone access to your hard drive.
  • It will take hours to share the whole directory

Can I use this to "see" the hard drive on another computer for backup?
Yes, you can share drives between computers for copying data files between them for backup.

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